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2017 - 
Ripe Mangoes Site

Ripe Mangoes is a space where I write reviews, essays and analysis on various forms of entertainment. While the website was initially created to discus manga, a form of graphic novel, it soon expanded to video games and animation among other things.

2018 - 
Ripe Mangoes ​Youtube Channel

Some of my writing from Ripe Mangoes has also been adapted into Youtube videos. As a way to further develop my writing, I enjoy testing it out within different mediums.

Featured Pieces

Dream Fossil: A Look at Life

I look at a collection of short stories by Satoshi Kon, one of animation's most prolific figures. 

Review: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

I discuss the cult classic film by legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki, and what makes it so iconic.

Blankets Analysis

Craig Thompson's autobiographical piece on first loves and adolescence proves to be a highly compelling read.

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