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"The ABCs of University" - 2019

"INSIDE" - Verve Magazine, 2020 (Creative Writing Editor)


Academic Papers

Hatzikiriakidis, K., Ayton, D., O'Connor, A., Carmody, S., Patitsas, L., Skouteris, H., & Green, R. (2023). The delivery of healthy lifestyle interventions for people with disability living in supported accommodation: A scoping review of intervention efficacy and consumer involvement, Disability and Health Journal.

Hatzikiriakidis, K., Ayton, D., Skouteris, H., Patitsas, L., Smith, K., Dhulia, A., & Poon, P. (2023). A rapid umbrella review of the literature surrounding the provision of patient-centred end-of-life care. Palliative medicine.



"Schnitzel" - Farrago Magazine, 2019

"Woof" - Farrago Magazine, 2019 

"Your Graduation" - Verve Magazine, 2019 

"A Poem on Love" - Publish or Perish (Unimelb), 2019

"Porco Rosso" - Publish or Perish (Unimelb), 2019

"Focus" - Vervezine, 2020

"Legacies" - Verve Magazine, 2020

"Chapter 7" - Verve Magazine, 2020

"The Medical Student" - Cloud Nine Journal, 2020

"Confessions" - Beyond Words Magazine, 2020

"Death to Verse" - Poet’s Choice, 2020

"Rembrandt Sucked" - Pink Thinker Press, 2020​

"Look at the State of Us" - Foley Magazine, 2023​

"Closure" - Foley Magazine, 2023



Ripe Mangoes

Ripe Mangoes YouTube


South Melbourne Match Reports

Ye Olde Grapes

The XYZ Experiment Podcast 


Apple Podcast

iHeart Radio

Foodiversal Studios


"’Dream Fossil': How A Master Mimics Life" -, 2019

"Why you should watch grassroots football" - The Roar, 2019

"Would a football “Big Bash” pique interest in the sport?" - The Roar, 2019

"Five things Tottenham must do to make another Champions League final" - The Roar, 2019

"Why a reserves league would be a disaster for the A-League" - The Roar, 2019


Abbotsford Repair Co. 

Foodiversal Studios 

"School Survival Guide" - (Excellence Award), 2011

Scope: Season 2, Episode 156

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